When considering digital instructional materials, in addition to the quality standards for print materials, leaders need to ensure that the materials will be easily and seamlessly accessible for all learners. In addition, the digital version of materials should leverage technology tools and resources so that it is dynamic, interactive and engaging.

Key Questions

  • If digital, how will you deliver the content ? Do you use a content delivery system/learning management system?
  • Is the content dynamic ? Does the digital version offer more than a simple PDF of the text ? Does it leverage technology tools to provide interaction and customization?
  • Is the content fully accessible ?
  • Is the content interoperable across systems ?
  • Does your school/district have the technology capacity to deliver content efficiently and effectively?
    • Does your school/district have adequate internet access to fully utilize the instructional materials (i.e., speed, reliability)?
    • Do students have ubiquitous device access in school?
    • Do students and teachers have ubiquitous device access out of school?
    • Is the broadband infrastructure sufficient for simultaneous access for most users?
    • Is wi-fi available on campus in all learning spaces ?
    • Do all students and teachers have internet access at home, and/or the community to effectively utilize the instructional material at any time?
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