When existing instructional materials are out-of-date, not aligned with standards, and ineffective tools for students and teachers, educators should consider selecting new instructional materials. Options may include a full core course replacement for a specific content area or supplemental materials to support the core materials. Once the review team establishes the type of instructional materials and content areas to adopt, the team determines what types of rubrics and tools they will use to make these decisions.

Activities allow for a variety of methods to be employed — alternatives to text/ pen/pencil/mouse, flipped lessons, labs, simulations, SMART notebook, small group with teacher, etc.
– Lawrence Public Schools Master Rubric

Key Questions

  • What is the catalyst to select and adopt new instructional materials?
  • Are you planning to select a new core curriculum for a specific content area?
  • Are you considering implementing supplemental materials to support current materials?
  • Are you implementing digital instructional materials?
  • Beyond alignment to learning standards, what other quality criteria should be considered?
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