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Budget & Funding

Budget & Funding

Before selecting instructional materials, the review team should have a basic understanding of the budget for these materials, as well as the funding options. A state/district may have a line item in the budget for instructional materials; however, other ancillary costs should also be considered, such as the delivery platform and the training required for teachers to implement these materials. More details about budget and funding are provided in these sections.

Key Questions

  • What is your budget for instructional materials?
  • What are the costs for purchased digital materials?
  • What are the print costs of downloaded materials?
  • Will you incur licensing fees for programs or apps?
  • Will you need to purchase devices?
  • Will you need to increase your internet capacity to utilize the materials?
  • Will you incur additional costs to curate materials online?
  • Do you need to upgrade your content delivery platform?
  • Do all of your teachers and students have access to non-shared devices?
    • If not, how are you addressing this issue?
    • Have you considered a BYOD program?

    • Know your budget and what you can buy when
    • Consider Total Cost of Ownership factors
    • Understand your funding options

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