Utilization of State Reviewed Instructional Materials

Most states don’t know how many districts purchase state reviewed instructional materials. According to the most recent DMAPS survey, two states reported that districts purchase over 76% of state reviewed materials and four states reported that districts purchase between 21% and 75% of state reviewed materials. Six states reported that less than 20% of districts purchase state reviewed materials.

As the shift to digital instructional materials continues, states are eager to learn what materials districts are using. Once states have a better idea about the types of digital instructional materials that districts and schools are using, they can use this information to look at metrics, such as student achievement and student engagement.

Key Questions

  • Does your state track the percentage of districts/schools that purchase instructional materials off the state reviewed list?
  • Does your state work with vendors to determine how many districts/schools utilize digital applications?
  • Does your state collect anecdotal evidence about the effectiveness of state reviewed instructional materials?
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