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Yonkers Public Schools

Yonkers Public Schools (Yonkers) is located in Yonkers, New York, on the south end of the Hudson Valley, only minutes away from Manhattan. Yonkers is the fourth largest school district in New York serving a diverse population across 39 schools grades PreK through Grade 12 with 26,000 students from 100 different nationalities. 76.6% of the students are eligible to receive free or reduced price lunch.


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Yonkers instructional goals are to incorporate the highest quality instructional resources and techniques that support the varied needs of teachers and students. Instructional technology tools are key components as they support differentiated instruction and extended learning beyond the school day.

Yonkers utilizes high quality OER to support instruction. OER offers a high impact instructional support with a low financial impact, thus allowing the district to maximize available funding streams.

“The varied and engaging nature of many OER resources, the ability of OER to reach students beyond the standard school day, and the positive impact found through use of particular OER tools are some of the many benefits of using OER.”
– Lisa Perry, Director Instructional Technology and Science, Yonkers Public Schools

Over 10,000 microcomputers are currently available for instructional purposes and the number of devices continues to increase. Yonkers believes, “Infusing the vast capabilities of the new technologies into every aspect of instruction enriches teaching and learning engaging students through technology that is part of their every day communication.”Project-based learning is enriched through interconnectivity with the use of SmartBoards, blogs, social media, Podcasting, videoconferencing and virtual classrooms. For more information visit: Yonkers Technology Instruction.

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