Schools in Spokane are generally between a 1:2 and 1:4 student to computer (device) learning environment, so not every student has access to a device in the classroom. Spokane incurred significant costs when printing the EngageNY materials for students.

The Washington OER Project is working to help address printing challenges by creating OER User Groups to provide support for those first adopters and a platform to share best practices and implementation resources. For example, the newly emerging EngageNY Mathematics User Group will include guidance from existing users as to what portions of the materials are critical to print and what sections are appropriate for whole classroom display or other delivery mechanisms.

  • Budgetary Questions to Consider

    What costs would you incur to modify the OER to fit your district/schools learning standards?

    Can you provide sufficient time to teachers to identify the OER to be used in the classroom?

    What is the cost comparison between using digital OER and printing OER materials?

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