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Assemble Review Teams

When reviewing instructional materials, it is important to include stakeholders with different expertise in the process.

  • Content Expertise (teachers, curriculum directors, content coaches)
    • Evaluation of alignment to learning standards, effectiveness
  • Technology Expertise (educational technology directors, technology specialists, digital resource managers, librarians)
    • Digital requirements, access, security and student privacy issues
  • Administrative Expertise (School board members, principals, assistant superintendents, superintendents)
    • Professional development capacity, accessibility, state/district policies
  • Curation Expertise (teachers, librarians)
    • Permitted usage, attribution, resource organization
  • Community Expertise (students, parents, museums, afterschool programs)
    • Ease of use, internet access, access outside of school

Key Questions

  • Are there different review teams based on:
    • Content area?
    • Core versus supplemental materials?
  • What common expertise should team members have?
  • What specific skills are needed?
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