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Core vs Supplemental

Core vs Supplemental

When selecting new instructional materials, options may include a full core course replacement for a specific content area or supplemental materials to support the core materials. Reviewers should consider the rubrics and tools used as they may differ depending upon whether it is a course re-design or the selection of supplemental materials. States often use common rubrics across subject areas to evaluate instructional materials. However, the academic standards within the rubric will differ depending upon the subject area.

Key Questions

  • Are you planning to select a new core curriculum for a specific content area?
  • Are you considering implementing supplemental materials to support current materials?
  • Are you implementing digital instructional materials?

Core Instructional Materials Resources

Supplemental Instructional Materials Resources

  • Core 
    New full course design for a content area

    Lessons, units, videos, podcasts, interactive content, formative assessment

  • Helpful Hint

    If school board policies require the same resource across the district, consider an annual review cycle of instructional materials with an agreed upon version for use by teachers during the school year.

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