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When selecting and adopting instructional materials, reviewers may conduct an internal review/vetting process or select materials that are already vetted by external organizations. For an internal review and selection process, states generally issue a request for proposal for the types of instructional materials to be reviewed during the current cycle. Publishers are invited to submit instructional materials. States assemble review teams and evaluate submitted materials using rubrics and tools. For external reviews, state and districts rely on the vetting of external organizations.


After instructional materials are reviewed, states, districts and schools curate those vetted materials either through their own digital repository or through a vendor platform. Many states curate instructional materials by packaging the digital tools and resources, as well as hosting the digital content. Whether districts are required to follow state policies for the selection and implementation of instructional materials or they develop their own policies, any district or school can access these state resource repositories to find high quality digital tools and resources. States provide these resources repositories as a service to districts and schools who often don’t have the time and staffing to adequately review and approve digital resources.

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